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01-28-2006, 05:41 AM
Default some Q befor i go for it

many thanks for in what i heared from a friend of mine about the good support and servers but still i have some things i want to ask about :

if i want to have the ( cpanel 200 )
** can i in the futuer make it from 10 GB to 20 GB or to 30 or more in the same packeg ( cpanel 200 )

** can have more Rams ... or prosesser limit

** can i make reserllers in the VPS cpanel 200

and i want to ask the client about the services provided my the copany is it good and what is the not good in spry
((( i want to be in the pictuer befor i take it )))

please i'm waiting for the answers as soon as possibl

coz it is ok .. i'm be glad to e one of SPRY clients

thank you

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01-28-2006, 03:23 PM


Thanks for your questions before signing up. The CPanel VPS does give you full access to WHM, including the ability to create resellers under your root account. These resellers would also have WHM access to manage the sub-accounts that they create.

Both Disk and RAM are upgradeable in the same product line, but you cannot add more than double the base amount of either. This means that you could upgrade to 20 GB of disk, but not more. However, we can do a no-downtime migration from a 200 to a 300 or 400 as long as you stay with a CPanel VPS.

Most customers have found that it is more economical to upgrade their base package to a 300 rather than adding both diskspace and RAM to the 200.

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01-29-2006, 08:15 AM

thank you for your reply

and there is some more questions

i found there are support for 10 $ / month

how does this support work
--- what is the limite of there help
do they help me to fix all my problem ... incloding my clients accounts problem with the server

thank you
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01-29-2006, 01:44 PM

and i found that the vps 400 has no support ...

if i want the support how can i ordr it with the vps 400

thank you
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01-30-2006, 10:45 AM

All Spry VPS plans include advanced support for the first 10 days. Advanced support is available as either a subscription or on a per incident basis after the first 10 days.

For an explanation of the differences between the 2 levels of support, please see Spry's Support overview at this URL:

You can also order advanced support at the same time you order your hosting service by selecting "Yes" under the advanced support option.
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