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Thread: Transferring from another hosting provider...

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    Exclamation Transferring from another hosting provider...

    I have been with another hosting provider for about 18 months and I am very unhappy with the reliability and service quality they have provided. I am very interested in switching to Spry mainly for that reason, plus you are local to me in WA!!!

    My main question is this: Is there an easy way to transfer my current hosting plans/client control panels e.t.c... over to Spry or would I have to set-up all the databases, e-mails e.t.c... again?

    Also, if there is an easy way, what is the expected downtime of the switch?

    I am thinking that I will probably have to start over and setup the accounts again aswell as re-upload everything for my clients and then once it is all done, re-direct my nameservers to Spry??

    Please let me know asap as I want to get everything up and running before the end of February...


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    Thank you for your interest in Spry Hosting.

    If you are using cPanel or Plesk, then you can use the built-in migration software included with each control panel. If you are using another control panel, you would need to manually create accounts and configure Plesk or cPanel to meet your requirements.

    As long as you configure your new services before updating your DNS, you should not experience any downtime.

    Mike Plummer
    Spry Hosting


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