I'm on a VPS 200 plan running Plesk. I recently loaded all of my website files on the server and am experiencing some strange behavior. First of all, I have a directory of scripts that resides outside of my root httpdocs folder and these are not accessible to the files in the httpdocs folder. Secondly, my css files are not loading images, and I have no idea what might be causing that problem.
The first problem, I was told, has to do with running PHP in safe mode and setting open basedir to my httpdocs folder. This is set in the httpd.include file in the conf directory where my website resides. Since I'm only hosting my own website on the VPS there should be no harm in turning off safe mode right? I guess my question is how I go about overriding the commands in the httpd.include file? There is a note in that file not to touch anything there but to create a seperate vhost.conf file, which I did, but I haven't been successful in override the httpd.include file. Any insights into either of the above problems would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance,