Spry Hosting (spry.com) announced the migration of their hardware and their clients to the new Fortress Datacenter in Seattle, WA. The new datacenter is designed to create maximum reliability, efficiency, and speed, in all facets of a web hosting environment. With infrastructure to spare, Spry’s new facility will enable stable and long-term growth opportunities leveraging this purpose built datacenter facility.

According to Cameron Jones, President and Founder of Spry, extensive design and engineering expertise went into the planning and development of the new datacenter. Jones commented “Often datacenter space for hosting companies is a mess of hardware thrown in a room, with modifications and adjustments to make everything operable. Spry's new facility has been engineered from the ground up for mass scale hosting on an ultra reliable foundation." He also went on to say, "Consistently providing Spry customers with the best in quality, service, and support has always been our main goal. This datacenter expansion marks the commitment to that goal."

The new datacenter is an 18,000 sq foot facility with 18” raised floors, controlled access, FM2000 fire suppression, security monitored, and is 24x7 patrolled. Qwest, AboveNET, XO, Savvis, ELI, Level3, and Mzima all provide fiber connectivity access to the facility. The datacenter has a long term capacity of over 45,000 servers in a footprint of
18,000 sq ft.

Spry Hosting is an innovative web hosting company with facilities in Seattle and Renton, Washington. Spry offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) Shared, Collocation, Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting Services and Support.