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Thread: Weird Perl / sendmail problem

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    Question Weird Perl / sendmail problem

    I'm not sure whether this is a coding error or a problem with Sendmail. I'm writing a script that accepts input from a webpage and then emails an administrator.

    The relevent section reads like this:

    # send the email
    open MAIL, "|$sendmail -oi -t" or die "Can't open pipe to Sendmail: $!\n";
    print MAIL <<"EOF";
    To: $destination
    From: $sender
    Subject: New Activation Request from $username
    Hello there,
    I recently registered on the church website and would like you to activate my account.
    My address, as listed on the Church Roll, is:
    My username on the website is:
    Thank you for your assistance.
    close MAIL or die "Can't close pipe to Sendmail: $!\n";
    If $destination is, for example,, everything works fine. If it is root@localhost it works fine. But if it is ( being one of the domains hosted inside the Signature VPS), the "Can't close pipe to Sendmail" error shows and the message is saved in ~/dead.letter.

    Is this a scripting error, Sendmail configuration problem or a bug?

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    Default weird perl!

    I am having the exact same problem. I can send an email using a perl sendmail script to an address such as "", but I cannot send one to "" . The extra periods or domains seem to cause the problem. I have tried "name\@domain\.more\.com as well, to "escape" the characters.
    I am not a real programer, but a dedicated web enthusiast and amateur programmer. I am using a perl script called AlphaMail. I love everything about it except the problem listed above. I have had the same problem with 4 other perl sendmail scripts. It is interesting to read your problem is the same as mine. I hope someone can help us both!


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