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    Default Spry Forum's RSS

    So I found the thread that said you have RSS...

    We'll tweak the security settings. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    We've also added so all posts will also be displayed.

    You can also use RSS to view the forums at:

    Thanks for your suggestions!
    You sure make it hard to know that the forum has an RSS feed. I would suggest adding a little RSS symbol at the footer of the main template. Also, I just subscribed to the RSS feed and it is horrible. No details in the RSS feed. Perhaps you can put the whole message in the feed, or at least the first 100 words. Take a look at Slashdots RSS feed.

    While I am at it, perhaps your URL's could be more search engine friendly, doesn't this forum have a re-write module for URLs?

    Thanks and I am a big fan of the site.

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    Thanks Spryfan78. We like the new look of the site as well.

    Also thank you for letting us know about the RSS. We migrated our forums from a different program to Vbulletin and it appears that updating the RSS feed was overlooked. We will work to update it.

    And good idea about the RSS feed link, but we'll work on improving the feed before doing that.


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