I'm not going to name my previous host but lets just say that because of the type of site I now run, I wanted to make sure that I was hosted with a reliable and stable host. So I choose to go with a host that also powers Starbucks, Nike, Diesel and so on.. It's apparent that those companies where on a completely different setup because the gs account we were on for the past 2 months has been terrible..

Moving to Spry has changed everything.. Load time for our small site and home page increased over 700%.. Thats how much faster Spry is as compared to our site running on the other host before the switch.

I used Spry long before they became as famous as they are now. I recommended them years ago and for the likes of me, don't have a solid clue as to why I didn't come back for hosting of our new sites..

I have to give Spry a 10 out of 10 because their service is Rock Solid.