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Thread: Changing main domain

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    Default Changing main domain

    I'm currently on the Select 200 VPS plan, let's say my main domain is "". I have several other domains hosted under the account (e.g. "", "", """, etc.)

    "" would be expiring in a couple of months' time and I have no plans on renewing it. I'm currently planning on replacing it with another domain name (e.g. "")

    How would I be able to make the transition from domain1 to domain2, causing minimum downtime to the hosted domains?


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    Default Renaming a hosting

    Renaming a virtual host to use a different domain name is highly dependent upon what control panel you are using.

    For instance, in WHM/CPanel, you can use the "Modify an Account" feature to change the domain name a virtual host uses.

    If not using a control panel at all, you can edit the VirtualHost entry in your apache configuration file to change to the new domain name. (This file is usually in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf or /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf, you can find out for sure by running 'httpd -V' and looking for the HTTPD_ROOT and adding the SERVER_CONFIG_FILE path to that.) Remember to restart apache after making any changes.

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    Thanks, but actually, my question was regarding the root domain, which is also the name of the domain name server for the rest of the domains.

    (I'm using Cpanel/WHM, by the way)

    Currently, domains 3, 4 and 5 are configured to use and

    What I intend to do, is to drop when it expires, and reconfigure my VPS accounts' root server name as

    I understand that I will have to point the client accounts (domain3, 4 and 5) to and on my domain registrars' side, as well as their individual account settings in WHM, but what do I have to change in WHM to configure domain2 as the new VPS server name?

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    Default Changing server name

    In CPanel, go to the menu option for "Hostname" under "Networking Setup". After you click on that, there will be an option to change your hostname.

    Contact support to have us change the hostname of the server so it will stay that way with a reboot.

    Register your IP addresses as nameservers under the new (at the registrar.) While you're there, remove the registration of the ns1 and nameservers.

    Change Basic WHM setup to use the new nameserver names. (Add A records as well.)

    Run /scripts/rebuildcpanelsslcrt if getting warnings about the SSL cert when logging in to WHM/CPanel after changing the hostname.

    Edit the zones hosted on the server to update the NS records to the new nameserver names.

    Run /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt to synchronize the cpanel license with with the new hostname.
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