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Thread: Does VPS require a lot of knowledge?

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    Default Does VPS require a lot of knowledge?

    Hi, I'm interested in a VPS plan, but although I'm quite experienced with computers and the internet, I don't know nothing about linux.

    My current ISP would set everything up (DNS, web, email and listserver), and I want to know if once everything is up and running you can just leave it like that or if you have to perform some kind of regular maintenance.

    I understand that certain tasks like adding email accounts can be done through the control panel (by the way, whichwould you recommend, plesk or cpanel?) and I would be able to handle that, but if there are more things that have to be done trhrough the command line.... well, I wouldn't know how to do that.


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    If you have a fully functional control panel (cPanel or Plesk) you should only rarely need to work on the server from the command line. CPanel has the ability to change most settings from the web interface. There is very little maintenance that needs to be manually done. Scripts control most weekly updates and you can talk to our support when things do not go as planned. CPanel is our most popular choice, however both control panels are easy to use and fully functional.


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