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Thread: Problems trying to compile shfs kernel module

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    Default Problems trying to compile shfs kernel module

    I'm trying to install the shfs filesystem per the instructions here:
    I'm getting an error when I try to run "module-assistant build shfs".

    Here's the error:

    x If the running kernel has been shipped with the Debian x
    x distribution, please install the package x
    x kernel-headers-2.6.9-023stab043.1. If your kernel source tree (or x
    x headers) is located in some non-usual location, please set the x
    x KERNELDIRS environment variable to the path of this directory, or x
    x (alternatively) specify the source directory we build for with x
    x the --kernel-dir option in module-assistant calls.

    I've done a "apt-get install linux-kernel-headers" but that did not resolve the problem. Anyone else had this issue?


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    Default No kernel module installation/modification

    One of the only things you are unable to modify in a Virtuozzo VPS environment is the kernel. If this software requires installing a kernel module, you will need a true dedicated server to be able to run it. Installing this kernel module will NOT work in a VPS. Even if you are able to successfully build the module, it will NOT load from within your virtual environment.


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