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Thread: Change server name with webmin

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    Default Change server name with webmin

    When I signed up, I selected a server name for a site which I don't plan to move until I get a little more comfortable with the capabilities/requirements on a VPS 300.

    I *think* the server name being a name still registered elsewhere with dns handled elsewhere and so on is causing me problems with the virtual hosts that I would like to experiment with.

    How would I go about changing the server name from to the domain that is set up ( with records and dns?

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    If you change the VPS hostname from within the VPS, it will get reset upon a reboot, so please submit a support ticket requesting the hostname change. We will also add or modify the DNS records that you need.

    Alternatively, you can put entries into the /etc/hosts file (on a Windows machine this will be C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) on your development machine the hostnames for the virtual hosts, along with the IP address configured for that virtual host in httpd.conf, and you'll be able to reach the sites.


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