Hello all, I am very new to webmin and am learning real fast. I have it loaded and running perfect on the server. It is bareboned v1.340 with only two modules loaded. the first is the useradmin and the second is the usermin. We have it all configured to add an account and that account can create its folder /home/username. When accessing the usermin via :20000 port it all works with the access to the one folder in file manager. The only modules we have visible to this account is change password, custom commands, filemanager, and upload/download files. Then via webmin we created the custom buttons for starting and stopping our games. There is a start and stop button for all the games. these are the games we want to run on our server.

Counter Strike Source
Jedi Academy
Call of Duty 2

Is there anyone that can help or point me in the right direction. FYI, also all the games will work and run they were tested via the command line. Maybe if someone does know some step-by-step directions and maybe some screeenies to go with it. I also have a ventrilo server if someone would like to get on and help me that way. Please help spending to much a month for servers to be down. Thanks