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    Angry VPS Speed and Connectivity

    Is there anything that can be done for more speed and better connection? Sometimes my sites are painfully slow. Although this is a problem we are having with our VPS, it is a connection load issue for all of Spry's hosting.

    Our site along with our customer sites are in a VPS so we fell the pinch on both ends. We not being up and our clients calling wondering what's going on with their sites as well! I can not have this happening as they will eventually become EX-CLIENTS. How can I stay in business, much less a Spry customer, if this happens?

    I've talked and support ticketed this thing to death and it all boils down to Spry's internet provider being overloaded. They have more than one provider but they have to MANUALLY switched over to it (** Corrected. Please see below. -Phil **). Can this not be automated and can't this switching happen as needed instead of AFTER all the Spry customers go down?

    When the connection drops, the servers do not. I know this because my server registers over 30+ days of "uptime". SO, when the connection drops out does this counts against the 100% (99.7 and lower or whatever it actually is) uptime guarantee? Although I've asked twice, I've yet to get a straight answer.

    I really like the service, servers, VPS, the level of access, and most of the things that go along with Spry hosting. If you could just PLEASE get the connection dropping handled you would be perfect and make myself along with all the other people who enjoy your service very happy. Don't you want us happy?

    Please respond. I know a lot of us would like to know.
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