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Thread: Help! How do I get to support?

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    Question Help! How do I get to support?

    I've just recently signed up for a shared hosting plan and I've run into an error message when trying to do something that has me stumped. So I thought I'd open a trouble ticket with support. But there's a catch 22, it seems.

    I click on the open a ticket link and it asks me to sign in. I do, but the login is rejected. I click the "forgot your password?" link and the system does send me a password - to sign in to . I login there, click the support menu and try to open a support ticket. Once again we're at the support login screen, once again my login is rejected.

    Is this some kind of plan to keep people from filing trouble tickets???

    -dave kearns

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    Hi Dave,

    Everything looks good on this end. There may have been a simple error in the login and/or password that you provided initially.
    I've re-sent your login details to the address you used at the time of order.
    Please let us know if you're still having difficulty and we'll work with you to ensure that you get the correct information to log in.

    This isn't some plan to keep you from opening a trouble ticket, just a simple glitch. If the login details don't work, we'll happily fix it so you can access your server.

    Spry Hosting


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