I've been having this problem since day 1 and am just not committed to finding a solution for it.

I setup a Spry VPS a few months ago and used data migration to copy over sites from another plesk server.

the first night I had the Spry server, when I woke up in the morning all my sites were down, 403 errors - rebooted and all was good.

next day, same thing... etc etc etc...

I did some looking into it and realized that whenever the Statistics CRON job would run, within a few minutes my system resources would max out and couldn't serve any pages.

I've been getting around it up until now by disabling the CRON job and manually running it, then rebooting the server, not ideal. My log files can get quite large if I don't run it every other day or so.

does anyone know of a way I can track down a log file for the stats program? I don't know if it's a specific domain that's causing the problem or what.

just trying to find out the best place to start looking for a solution.