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Thread: Help on getting a SSL certificate

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    Default Help on getting a SSL certificate


    I've never done this before but I'd like to purchase one or two SSL certificates for domains that I am hosting on my VPS. How do I go about doing this? Does anyone have any advice? Can I get a certificate from anywhere and install it myself using Plesk?

    Appreciate any comments.

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    Hi and thanks for your inquiry!
    You can purchase SSL certs from whatever provider you like.
    Once you have the certificates you need, uploading is simple:

    From your Plesk CP, navigate to Clients > My Domains > > Certificates

    Select Request, Buy, or Self Signed.

    Upload certificate files

    Upload certificate as text

    Then choose: Private key, Certificate or CA certificate.

    That should finish the job and your SSL certs will be installed.
    If you have difficulty, be sure to contact technical support.

    Have a great day!


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