I had been in the market for a mid level VPS account and was recommended to SPRY by a friend. I was skeptical to sign up at first because their phone support hours were only 7am-7pm. I decided to take a dive and thank god SPRY provided a soft landing.

I have been a customer of SPRY for about 1 month. Things started off rocky because I decided to use Webmin to save a few bucks and found out the hard way "don't use a panel you aren't familiar with". Despite my mistake, SPRY's support team continued to coach me and help me get on my feet. All of my support tickets were addressed within 2 hours.

I finally made the decision last night to convert over to CPanel/WHM after all, this is the platform I've been using on other projects for 3 years. I e-mailed support to let them know of my decision.

Within 45 minutes, I had my new account setup, billing corrected, and my welcome e-mail in hand (Keep in mind this was at 12:30AM). Their support is truly superb.

I'm glad I took my friends advice and chose Spry as my VPS provider! I look forward to a long b2b relationship.

Jonathan C.
CPanel 200 VPS
1 month subscriber