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Thread: Identifying who hosts a domain

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    Default Identifying who hosts a domain

    There are a few basic steps to identifying the hosting company for a domain.

    1. Obtain the Whois information for the domain using sites like
    Sometimes the hosting company's name will be under the technical contact.
    2. From the Whois information, you can obtain the base domain name for the
    name servers. Simply run this through the whois process again and see who
    is the registrant and/or contact information.
    3. It this still does not give you a good lead, you can gather more information
    from who the IP is assigned to. To do this, you'll need to get the IP of the
    domain. This can be done using the website at
    4. Once you have the IP, you can find who it is responsible for it by using Simply place the IP in the search field instead of a domain. The
    information from should be for the company who is hosting the
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