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Thread: Domain Renewal

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    Default Domain Renewal

    Ive registered around 10 domains without a problem, but now Im getting this.

    There was an error accessing the requested
    Domain. If you need further assistance, Please
    contact your Administrator.
    # Domain name not found

    The status is displayed as being 'new'

    Usually I dont have to wait longer than 30 minutes for my domain to be active when registering through spry.

    It also says I have $7.95 outstanding. I paid for it with paypal last night. My account did not have 7.95 US in it. Just Canadian funds. It debited 795 from my chequing account and then transferred that to Spry for the domain payment. So it should be paid for.

    Are they all manually verified and Im waiting on that?

    PS, how do I turn auto renew on ?

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    Default Auto-Renewal of Domains

    Auto-Renewal of Domain Registration is not available from the order form or from within the control panel, but you will receive a renewal invoice the month before your domain expires. When you pay that invoice, the domain will renew for another year. Additionally, you can choose to renew any of your domains at any time for up to 10 years from the control panel.

    Just login and choose My Domains from the My Sites menu heading. Then, select the domain name you wish to renew, and choose the Renew Domain link from the left-hand navigation. Any additional years you choose will be added to your domain from the current expiration date, not the date you place the order.
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