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Thread: Spry Support Has Gone from Great to WORST!!

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    Default Spry Support Has Gone from Great to WORST!!

    It truly pains me to have to write this but possibly it will prevent, or at least help some other business from falling into the same sort of costly and frustrating events that I have recently experienced. First I will say that until recently I have been very pleased with Spry and their support has been exceptional and prompt. This was the state of affairs for at least 2 years and I even encouraged other businesses to consider Spry.

    Recently, after upgrading cpanel/whm to 11, php suexec no longer appeared to be working and php was running as a module rather than cgi. Rebuilding apache from cpanel did not appear to do the php rebuild and so I did the normal thing and created a support ticket. The first thing I noticed was that I could no longer create a status of "URGENT", or any other level. Since I had clients/customers who had problems on their sites as result of permissions (apache/php running as nobody now), this was certainly an urgent issue in my mind. Well it took at least a day (or 2) for anyone to get back to me and this began a painful and insulting process, which has lasted for around 3 months now. Each support staff made some weak attempt to resolve the issue, often just make bizarre, uninformed and plain ignorant suggestions, and in some cases completely ignoring suggestions or information provided in the email. Some support staff would report that everything was working fine, but clearly this was not the case and attempts to reply to these open tickets would not get replied to for days. Really, how many brain cells does one need to draw upon in order to consider it important to actually TEST the results of a supposed “fix” before stating that the problem is solved? This is profoundly incompetent behavior. At one point, although I gave clear instructions NOT to rebuild the server during the day since it would bring the customers sites down, this was ignored and they went ahead anyway. Another example of a profound and spectacular level of incompetence.

    After losing 2 customers for failure to get their sites working properly, I felt it was time to start yelling and demanding that Spry meet its stated obligations and promises in their policies and advertised services. I was finally able to reach Todd G and his over-all tone was condescending and it was not until I commented on his clear reluctance to take full responsibility for the services and support they advertise, did he make any attempt to acquiesce and demonstrate a minimal amount of humility and professional responsibility. Over-all his tone appeared to be generally annoyed to have to talk with me…a further insult. Given that Todd is at the highest levels of management/ownership, his attitude would suggest a systemic problem and possibly a general attitude towards customer support from Spry, rather than just a simple one-time screw-up by one member of the support staff.

    So support apparently went in and rebuilt apache/php manually, as far as I can tell. The next day things appeared fine but I requested that the ticket remain open until I can be sure. Well its been nearly a week now and services are dying, I am getting out of memory errors, each php process spawned when a site is hit pegs the cpu at 75%-100% making the hosted sites basically unusable and although I have now sent 3-4 replies to that original open ticket, and even created 2 new tickets, I GET NO RESPONSE FROM SPRY!! Nor do I get email confirmations from their support system leading me to believe/suspect that something intentional is going on here. I am certainly not prone to conspiracy theories, but given I have had NO RESPONSE to any emails or new tickets, one must wonder. I certainly hope I am wrong on this one since this would demonstrate a new level of unethical business practices which would need to be investigated, and possibly reported where appropriate.

    This has gone far behind a minor, one time screw-up by a single incompetent support staff. This has now become an obvious pattern/trend and general level of profoundly irresponsible/insulting treatment of a customer and a failure to meet their stated claims for support. I am now looking for a new VPS provider and within a week, should these issues not get resolved I plan to write a detailed account of all of my experiences with Spry, to all hosting review sites and any other agencies in order to enourage Spry to recognize its obligations to clients, or to help prevent another business owner from having to endure the costly and insulting experience I have just gone through.

    Should Spry decide to take responsibility for the service and support they advertise, and actually reply to any of the many support requests and follow-ups I have written in the past week, and they actually fix the server and get it running to the state where it works as advertised, then I will retract my posts from this forum, and any other forums, hosting reviews and other agencies I plan to approach. I have no tolerance for abuse, irresponsible/incompetent behavior or unprofessional conduct. Given the litany of issues, profoundly incompetent support staff and now being completely ignored on SERIOUS show-stopper issues, this situation has escalated beyond acceptable.
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    Can you please provide me a ticket number.


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    Exclamation Yep, same thing happened to me

    During the "node migration", whatever that is, my site was giving TONS of problems. After two weeks of nearly pulling my hair out, they finally resolved the issue. I lost 4 advertisers (revenue of about $80/month) because of this problem.

    Then, their billing department told me that if I cancel my account I would not get a refund of the remaining money paid for my yearly subscription. They said they would give me a credit for a month of service to keep me happy. No credit has yet posted to my credit card.

    I totally agree. Spry was a wonderful company. I was referred by a happy webmaster on Those were the good ol' days. There must have been a change in management somewhere, and everything went to crap. It's just like dilbert says about bosses: Seagull boss: Comes in, makes a lot of noise, craps all over everything, and leaves.

    Danger, will robinson! Danger!

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    Section 1, subsection B, last sentence:

    The set-up fees are nonrefundable and Spry does not issue pro rata refunds for fees paid in advance.

    We provided you with a credit to your account, not your credit card. This was explained to you while we were on the phone this morning.
    You would be very hard pressed to find a hosting company that will accept liability for any client's claims of revenue loss. It's just the industry standard.

    I'm sorry that we can't do more.


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