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Thread: Redirecting domains via DNS help

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    Default Redirecting domains via DNS help

    Hi All,

    Is there an easy way to redirect a non fully qualified address at the domain level?

    Specifically i would like to redirect <domain> to w w w .<domain>. (sorry for the spaces - but otherwise it would not let me post)

    The reason is that flash in particular treats the two as separate security domains, and while you can disable the security - i would rather have it redirect anything that it pointing to the root domains.

    Other domains such as "ftp", "mail", "mysub", etc should not be affected.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    This isn't something that can be done with DNS alone, but if both and point to the same web space on your server, you can use ModRewrite in an .htaccess file to accomplish this.

    See Redirecting the Homepage using mod_rewrite for an example.

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    Default Thanks

    I'll go ahead and give this a try. I looks like it will do what i need since it is handled by the server independent of the HTML on the site.

    Thanks again.


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