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Thread: Helpful Exim Commands

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    Default Helpful Exim Commands

    This is a list of some of the commands I commonly use when troubleshooting exim:

    exim -bp|grep $name Will show the mail in queue for $name
    exim -Mvh $MSGID View message header
    exim -Mvb $MSGID View message body
    exim -M $MSGID Force delivery of message
    exim -v -M $MSGID View the transact of message

    Force delivery of one message
    exim -M email-id

    Force another queue run
    exim -qf

    Force another queue run and attempt to flush the frozen message
    exim -qff

    View the log for the message
    exim -Mvl messageID

    View the body of the message
    exim -Mvb messageID

    View the header of the message
    exim -Mvh messageID

    Remove message without sending any error message
    exim -Mrm messageID

    Giveup and fail message to bounce the message to the Sender
    exim -Mg messageID

    How much mail in the queue?
    exim -bpr | grep "<" | wc -l

    How many Frozen mails in the queue
    exim -bpr | grep frozen | wc -l

    Deleteing Frozen Messages
    exim -bpr | grep frozen | awk {'print $3'} | xargs exim -Mrm

    To find out, how many messages are there in the mail queue:
    exim -bpc

    To check the mails in the queue:
    exim -bp

    To force exim update:
    /scripts/eximup --force
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