So you decided to take that next step in the development of your site or e-business by signing up for a Shared, VPS or Dedicated server. Youíve gone through all the steps, entered your billing and personal information, chosen your domain and picked the perfect plan. All seems to be going very well, but where are your login credentials?

Should you happen to experience this dilemma, here are few things to consider and check before submitting a ticket or calling sales:

- Shared and VPS servers can take up to 24 hours to provision. While we strive to make them instant-on, sometimes we need to verify contact information or tweak a node before it can happen. Itís uncommon, but it does happen from time to time.

- Dedicated servers are always built to order and can take 24 Ė 36 hours to provision. Again, we strive to get the servers up and going as quickly as possible.

- Did you pay your invoice? Servers will not provision unless the initial invoice is paid in full. If you use PayPal, you will need to make the payment manually. Spry is unable to automatically take payments from your PayPal account.

- Is your credit card valid? If your card is expired or the number was mistyped, it can cause the order to error and your server to not provision. Make sure to double-check your entries for accuracy.

- Was any important contact information left out? Incomplete or inaccurate personal or billing information can cause the sales department to question the validity of the order. You might need to verify the information in order to have your service activated.

- Did you place your order from behind a proxy server or anonymous service? Orders of these types will automatically get rejected. Donít even try it.

- Are you trying to place an order fraudulently? Chances are the order was caught by our fraud guardian and/or the sales team and rejected. You wonít get login details, period.

- Have you checked your junk mail folder? Some email clients, especially freemail, have a tendency to assume that weíre sending SPAM. Make sure to whitelist Spry so we can effectively communicate with you regarding your service.

- Was your primary email address entered correctly? Even one character out of place will send your login details to who-knows-where. Again, please double-check your entries.

- If you registered a domain, did you perform a whois search to ensure itís available? The ICANN database takes some time to update. If someone else has registered the domain before you, it can still show up as available in our system, even though itís registered. Check out this forum post for more details:

If you check all of your information and itís correct, but youíve still not received your login credentials, please submit a ticket or give us a call so we can look into the problem.
When submitting a ticket, be sure to include your domain or the email address used when you signed up. This will allow us to look up your account quicker and provide you with a speedy resolution.

Thanks for reading!