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    Cancellation Process:

    If you should find that no longer require the services provided by Spry Hosting, and wish to cancel a specific package, or an entire account. Please use the following steps so we may address your request in a timely a manner.

    First, you will need to login to your customer support account located at using the username, and password for the account. Once logged in you will be presented with several options for support. You will need to select the "Cancel Package(s)" option located second from last.

    Secondly, on the following screen you will be prompted with the terms of service agreement. Once read, please select the "Proceed With Cancellation" option located near the bottom of the screen. After choosing the package(s) you wish to cancel, please fill out the cancellation form provided, and submit the cancelation request.

    This form will provide us with feedback we will use to continue improving our offerings.
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