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Thread: Updating Your Billing Information:

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    Default Updating Your Billing Information:

    Updating Your Billing Information:

    Credit Card:

    In order to update your Credit Card information you will need to log into your billing control panel located at using the email, and password the account was created with.

    Once logged in proceed to "My Finance", "Update CC", and enter in your new Credit Card information. When you are finished making changes please make sure to click on "Submit Changes" located near the bottom of the screen.

    In order to process the due invoice for payment with your new Credit Card information proceed "My Finance", "My Invoices", select the due invoice, and use the "Pay Online" link provided to process the invoice for payment.


    If you would like to update your account to accept PayPal payments, please use the "Pay With PayPal" link provided on your invoice generated for services provided by Spry Hosting.

    If at anytime you should experience trouble updating your billing information via your billing control panel, please call Spry Billing at 1-888-808-SPRY so we may address your request as soon as possible.
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