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    Upgrading Your Account:

    As businesses grow, and development projects expand you may find you require more resources, or higher level of service. Fortunitly, Spry can address your request. Upgrades such as Additional RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth, and even Upgrading the level of your account only require a simple request via your account located here.

    Once a request for an upgrade has been received our excellent support staff addresses the upgrade, and responds promptly. Upgrading the level of your account such as a upgrade from a VPS 200, to 300 level may require a short migration after the VPS is upgraded. Support will inform you via your primary email address that the upgrade has been successfully completed, and you will need to reply back with the best time for the migration to be completed. Migrations may take 5-10 minutes to complete, so choosing a time where you expect the least amount of traffic is recommended.

    If you should have any questions regarding upgrades of your subsciption with Spry Hosting our Sales, and Billing Staff are more than happy to address your inquiry, as well as inform you of any discounts, or advantages you may gain from upgrading your level or service, or billing cycle. You may contact the Sales, Billing, or Support Departments via your account located at, or by calling us at 1-888-808-SPRY so we may further address your request.
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