I have been hosting my websites for more than four years to various host companies. Some of these host companies includes ipower, globat, magicz. They were not bad, but SPRY.COM has exceeded my expectations. Their support system is far more wonderful than any companies I had experienced with. The waiting time for support over phone is very as little as 1-5 minutes. But I mostly email them instead of calling because it is fast well. I get a response from them within an hour no matter when I email them. I once emailed them at 2:00 AM and got a response within the hour. Another thing I like about their support system is that if there is a problem I always like to know how they solved the problem and they never hesitated to tell me how they did it. By the way, I did not have much knowledge about setting up a server, but the support team did a wonderful job doing it for me. This kind of support truly amazes me. Thank you spry!

Kisore Anjir
kisore at gmail dot com