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    Smile Virtuozzo Power Panels

    What is Virtuozzo Power Panels?

    Virtuozzo Power Panels also known as VZPP can be used to manage your VPS. You can Restart, Stop, Start, and Fast Stop your VPS when emergency occurs.
    Using Virtuozzo will help you get better information of your VPS such as Change password, File Manager, Resources, System Services, System Processes, Firewall, SSH Connection, Status Changes, QoS Alerts, Action Log, Traffic Log. You will be also able to access the support desk, MyWebPayment and the Configurations.


    Start/Stop VPS: Gives you the options to Start, Restart, Stop, or Fast Stop your VPS.

    Change Password: You can use this option to change the VPS Password.

    File Manager: Lets you see the files on your VPS.

    Resources: Shows package name, Additional Information, CPU Usage with graphic, System Usage with Graphic, Disk Usage and Network Usage. By pressing the Extended button you will get a more detailed CPU Parameters, Disk Quota, and UBCs.

    System Services: Shows the running applications.

    System Processes: Shows running application/processes. Lets you see CPU%, Mem%, the command and PID.

    Firewall: This is very tricky, so you will have to be careful when using it. You can block yourself and your clients from accessing the services such as control panel, ftp, mail, etc..

    SSH Connection: It is a java enabled SSH window. I prefer to use Putty.

    Status Changes: Shows the VPS changes such as restarts, stops, locked, etc.

    QoS Alerts: (Very Important) This will be the first thing that is going to tell you when a problem occurs. Theres a Green Zone, Yellow Zone, and Red Zone.

    -Green Zone: Everything is fine. The considered paramenter is way below all of the limits.
    -Yellow Zone: Moderately dangerous situation. The considered paramenter is coming close (within 10%) to its soft limit or barrier. (What it means is that you are going out of your VPS Limits.
    -Red Zone: Critical situation. The parameter exceeded its soft limit or came very close to the hard limit. Your next resource allocations request may be refused. This is common when there isn't enough RAM on cPanel VPS, The cPanel and WHM stops responding until the VPS is restarted or the current process is stopped. It is recommended to stop automatic cPanel Updates. But keep in mind that you have to keep YOURSELF up to date with cPanel Changes.

    Actions Log: Shows a list of actions, both running and already finished.


    Oct 03, 2007 10:18:15 AM - Start Process - Completed
    Oct 03, 2007 10:18:15 AM - Restart VPS #xxx - Completed
    Oct 03, 2007 10:18:35 AM - Complete Process - Completed

    Traffic Log: Shows the server traffics Incoming and Outgoing in Kb organized by date.
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    Excuse the spelling or errors.

    Anyone from the staff team feel free to edit it if theres any error that may cause confusion.

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    Looks good, though I'm confused by this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jon
    Change Password: You can use this option to change the VPS Password, BUT make sure to update the new password in Spry's panel.
    What do you mean by Spry's panel?

    One other thing... the System Services tool will NOT display proper information for all installed services. VZPP was written by the same company that produces Plesk, and therefore only looks for software installed where Plesk puts it, NOT cPanel. So most likely the httpd and mysql status and restart will not function properly. Use WHM in this case. Same goes for the Xinetd tab.

    Also of note, to access VZPP on your Spry VPS, go to:
    https://any of your vps's ip:4643/ This works even if your VPS is currently down, as port 4643 is redirected / hosted by the hardware node outside of your virtual environment.

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    There was an option to update the password so Spry Representative doesn't have to ask for the new password. It is no longer there so I'm going to remove it.

    I use the restart function in VZPP everytime I need to restart my VPS is works just fine and very quick.
    Happy Spry Customer!

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    How can i install Virtuozzo Power Panels VZPP to manage my VPS400. Can it be installed threw command line. any help would be great!


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