I learned a long time ago that waiting is sometimes a necessary thing. Whether it be waiting for a meal at your favorite diner, or waiting in line at the DMV, it sometimes just has to happen. The general reason for having to wait for something is because there are others that are ahead of you. Simple enough to understand, right?
It seems that not everyone thinks about this. Itís like the world revolves around them and there is nobody else in this great big universe of oursÖ

Let me clue you in on the way we work here at Spry:

When a ticket or a new order is submitted, it goes into a queue with (usually) many other tickets that others have submitted. When Iím working tickets, I answer the oldest ones first and work my way down. This means that if you submitted a ticket 15 minutes ago, you may have to wait a bit before you get a response. The people that submitted tickets before you will take priority, just like you will take priority before the tickets submitted after you. Itís common sense and, quite simply, the way the world works.
I can understand that your issues are very important to you, but spamming billing, sales and technical support about your issue is only going to make things harder, and take longer, in the end. If we have to take the time to wade through multiple and often confusing tickets about the same issue, we have to spend extra time to figure out just whatís going on. Thatís time that could be better spent fixing your issue, rather than having to decode the problem.
Simply put; if you have a problem, submit a ticketÖ ONE ticket. Only give us the facts and drop the fluff. We donít need to know what Kernel version youíre running, we can see that ourselves when we look at your account. Just tell us the problem and weíll do what we have to do to fix it. If we need more details, weíll ask you. Itís really just that simple.

In conclusion, if you need to submit a support ticket, please be patient. Go get a coffee, take a walk, play with your kids or your dog. When you come back, we could very well have resolved the issue for you and you can get back to business as usual.