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Thread: Definition of emergency outage

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    Default Definition of emergency outage

    Our support ticket system includes an option to flag an issue as an "Emergency Outage" when creating a new ticket. Many of our customers have used this option and received a response from our support team stating:
    Quote Originally Posted by Spry Support

    Thank you for contacting Spry Support.

    Emergency tickets are only to be used in a very specific situation: when
    you can not ping NOR ssh NOR reboot your VPS through the control

    Please do not use emergency ticket for any other situation.

    Your issue has been transmitted to the support team and will be fixed as
    soon as possible.

    Thank you for choosing Spry.
    Our support team sends these reponses to re-assure the client that their issue has been received, but has been re-prioritized to less than an emergency. Our support staff receives hundreds of support requests every day, and simply cannot handle each and every request as soon as it is received.

    As mentioned in the above message, emergency tickets should only be submitted if you have no access to your server/VPS. If you still have access to your server, please refrain from marking your ticket as an Emergency Outage so as to allow those clients without access to their systems priority. Many receiving this message will respond that they are unable to SSH to their server because they do not know how, and therefore do not have access to their system. We try to take this into account when prioritizing issues, but cannot allow this to override other clients issues. Please take the time to learn about this access method, full root access is our reason for offering VPS products. If you do not need/want root access, shared hosting/reseller hosting may be a more cost-effective/productive solution for your needs.

    Examples of issues not considered emergencies:
    • Increase of spam sent to your users - All of our VPS's support filtering of email with SpamAssassin, and most of the control panels we install include configuration options to tune the sensitivity.
    • Website down - If you still have access to your server, restart the web service. If restarting fails, submit a support request with the error message received when trying to restart. Oftentimes the error message will include a reason for the failure.
    • Email not working - We understand that email is an important aspect of business today, but if you are still able to access your control panel or command line via SSH, restart the mail service or, if the error you receive relates to failed password authentication, try resetting the account password. If that still fails, submit a ticket with the error message.
    • Databases not working - Again, most web sites today rely on a database for operation, but if you are able to restart the database service most problems can be resolved.
    • Third party software failing/installing - Spry technical support is unable to provide support for programs/software not installed by Spry. If your problem is related to software installed by a third party (or yourself) and is failing, contact the developer/distributor of the software instead.
    • Out of memory errors - If your system is generating errors about "Out of memory" or "Failed to fork, cannot allocate memory", REBOOT. This error means that the programs you have running on your server have exhausted the available memory allocated to your server. Rebooting will kill all processes and restart the system. However, if you do not investigate the cause of the memory usage, the problem will return. After rebooting, log in to your system and check running processes and tune them to use less memory, or upgrade for more memory.

    One final note, it is not our intention to offend anyone with this response, please understand that we care about all of our clients problems, and must prioritize to ensure every client gets the attention they deserve.
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