All of us will make mistakes from time to time; itís a simple fact of life. You canít really call yourself a member of the human race unless you do. Itís unfortunate that it has to be this way, but if we were all perfect, what fun would the world be?
Whether you make the obligatory ďoopsĒ when balancing your checking account or nudge that driver in front of you during your commute (Iím so glad I take the bus), mistakes and accidents are inevitable.
The same goes when registering a domain name. Letís face it, the majority of the prime domains have been snapped up by large companies and domain resellers. This leaves the rest of us having to seek more ďcreativeĒ ways to get the name that works for us.
When dealing with long or creatively-spelled domains, itís easy to juxtapose a couple of letters or add erroneous characters. Unfortunately, once you pull the domain registration trigger, thereís no going backÖ

If you happen to register an unintentionally misspelled domain, thereís honestly nothing that we can do for you. Our registrar will not refund the associated fees for simple human error; itís just a case of ďsorry, too bad for youĒ.
As much as Iíd love to be able to change the spelling or cancel the order, once a domain is registered, itís locked down. The only way that you can actually get the name you want with the correct spelling is to register it correctly.
As harsh as is sounds, Spry canít be held responsible for accidentally misspelled domain names. The domain is purchased by the end user (you) from the Spry website and is automatically registered. There is no intervention from our end at all, meaning that we have no way to edit a domain name when a request is made.

Simply put, if you order a domain and realize, after the fact, that said domain is misspelled, donít call or email us for a refund or ask us to modify the domain. Itís just not going to happen. Instead, bang your head on your desk a couple times, toss out a few colorful metaphors, get back on the site and register the correct spelling. At $7.95 per year, itís not much of an expense and besides, itís definitely not as bad as a fender-bender or a bounced check and you still get a domain that you may find a use for later!