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    Default Phone complaint

    This has happened to me on the last three times I have tried to call SPRY Sales or Billing for a quick answer to a question.

    Today is Friday, at 9:26 AM Pacific. The stated phone times are Monday thru Friday between the hours of 7AM and 7PM Pacific.

    After getting bongo music for five minutes, I then get the message that SPRY only takes calls between the hours of 7AM and 7PM Pacific, then I get bumped over to voice mail.


    The last time I called, which was a couple of weeks ago, I sat on my cell phone with bluetooth attached to my ear for two hours before I hung up and redialed -- this time asking for technical support. The tech answered on the second ring and had to go and get the guy from billing.

    When I told the guy at billing that I was on the phone for two hours listening to bongo music he actually implied that I was lying. ("That is impossible, I have been sitting here all day. You must have called a different number or something. If you had called here, I would have answered it")

    Of course, the guy from the tech department happened to mention that sales and billing had been in a meeting all morning and had just gotten out -- but hey I must be lying or at the very least, mistaken. There was also the fact that every few minutes I was told that I was holding for the next available SPRY agent, and every ten minutes it would put me through the phone tree again.

    Now, I have a question for sales and it looks like I am not going to get an answer, which is too bad -- I like the reliability of SPRY, I am just not liking the customer service all of a sudden. This is going to force me to find another service somewhere else since SPRY has made it impossible to get the quick answer that I need to start a new client on SPRY.

    Sure, I could have played the email tag and emailed my question and waited for an answer, but I had the client sitting in my office, and the advertising clearly states that there is phone support between specific hours on specific days. It is kinda hard to sell a client on a service that I know is reliable, when the first impression of that service is hit and miss.

    Additionally, I will probably wind up taking my current business off of SPRY because the FIRST time the guy in billing implied that I was lying or mistaken, was barely excusable. But to have a continuing recurrence of not being able to get ahold of a department that only exists to create more business is a very bad reflection on a company who expects to receive more business.

    All the reliablility and solid technical support in the world does you absolutely no good if your initial first impression is one that shows unreliability and a bad attitude of its staff.
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    Thanks for your feedback on the experience you have had, and I apologize for the poor service that you received. Based on what you describe here, I was able to identify that we had a misconfiguration in our phone queue that was keeping our sales and billing calls from reaching the proper agents.

    I've changed that configuration, which should help prevent this problem in the future.

    I'm very concerned about the bad attitude that you perceived from the staff when you did get through, and I hope that you can PM me more information regarding that incident so that I can address the staff member you spoke with directly.

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    Had a similar issue. If I called into option 3 (shared support), it told me the office is closed and to leave a message. If I call to option 4 (dedicated support), it puts me on hold for 20 minutes and then gives me the 'office closed, leave a message' thing. The 20 minute hold is tough.


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