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Thread: Spry not giving me EPP Auth key

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    Default Spry not giving me EPP Auth key

    I created a support ticket asking for the EPP auth key for a couple of domains of mine and received a reply saying that I should click the domain name under "My Domains" in the interface.

    This clearly does not work, as the domain names are not clickable. I then followed it up saying this is so and it has been more than 48 hours already and not a single reply from Spry support.

    I'd like to express my disappointment at the level of support being given and moreoever, I don't think it's ethical (or even legal, I believe) to be witholding EPP auth keys from domain owners. I hope you guys can resolve this soon.

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    The domains in question are currently in pending renewal status. This is because the renewal invoices have not been paid and the credit card on file is expired.

    I have sent the EPP key of the domain that has not expired, but you will need to log in and pay your renewal invoice for the other in order to have access to the key for that domain. The domain is currently expired and I can't even see the EPP key.

    I have re-sent the past due invoice to you for your convenience. If you pay this invoice, the renewal will process and you will be able to have access to your EPP key.


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