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Thread: Pop3 process sucked resources

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    Default Pop3 process sucked resources

    Hello Spry,
    With the great phone support given by Spry, I figured on seeing a much more active forum, I guess it is on its way up.

    Moving right along, yesterday I called Spry support about our site hanging, and the tech informed me that the issue was caused by a POP3 process that used all our resources. The tech (unfortunately I forgot his name) restarted the server and all has been well since.

    What I am trying to figure out is how do I track where this started, which I hope will lead me to being able to prevent it in the future. The tech was able to tell me which email address the issue began from, I would love to know what he was looking at to figure that out. I've searched but cannot find any logs that relate to a POP3 process.

    Thanks much for any direction

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    The tech was most likely using the 'top' and 'ps' programs. Top will give you an ordered list of processes using the most resources on your server, and ps will provide more information about those processes. Use 'ps auxwww | grep -i pop' to find out which users are connected via pop currently, and what sort of resource usage each pop process is taking.

    For more tips, check our blog entry on VPS Performance Monitoring.
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