I think I have had enough of the flakey service ticket system SPRY uses.

In fact, I think I have had enough of SPRY.

I no longer can access my root account in my Cpanel. I have not changed the password at all -- it has never been changed, yet I am locked out.

I have TRIED to enter a ticket in the system to get someone to look at this and fix the problem, but the damn ticket system keeps crapping out.

I cannot even go back into old tickets.

This has happened a few times before. I kept getting phpMyAdmin errors and it would take almost a whole day to access the ticket system, then another day for someone to "fix" the problem -- only to have it crap out two hours later.

Now I cannot access my server. I cannot access the ticket system to get someone to get me access to my server, and I cannot call anyone because they don't take phone calls at night. (or for most of the day, sometimes)

I keep reading about this 100 percent uptime guarantee, but I guess that doesn't extend to actually being able to USE the damn account.

I need a new server home, and I guess I will start looking now.