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Thread: Shell Access - which SSH private key format do I need?

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    Default Shell Access - which SSH private key format do I need?

    Fellow earthicans,

    I'd like to use the Java-based "Shell Access" tool from the control panel. No emergency at the moment but I'll surely break things in the future and it would be nice to have a backup way to log in. I have turned off plaintext authentication in my /etc/ssh/sshd_config and just allow public key authentication. The Java applet asks me for the username and password so I enter "root" and anything (or even the right one) as a password - it gets rejected anyway with "password authentication filed, try again?". Then it presents me the available authentication ways asking "Please select an authentication method(s) to continue." and offers only "publickey". So I choose "publickey" and the applet asks me where my SSH private key is located on my disk ("Select Private Key File For Authentication"). Unfortunately it keeps complaining that "The key format is not a supported format". I have tried with my OpenSSH DSA key (~/.ssh/id_dsa) and even converted it into an SSH2 key and an key - to no avail. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I'm using SUN Java 1.4.2-03 on my Debian workstation here at home.


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    The exact error message which you referenced is also referenced in this sshtools message thread. I suspect that the Java SSH applet is looking for a specific key file format, as discussed in the thread.

    If you would be willing to PM me your IP address, I can look up your account to look for more relevant information.

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    I have created the ssh connection through public/private key pair authentication on linux client to linux server.when I use the key pair value from linux itself its ask me the passphrase and its works fine,but when i want to establish the connection through java application using j2ssh api it gives me "InvalidSshKeyException and key format not supported."

    Please help me ouit in this regard


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