Is there any way to adjust smtp server prefs so all outgoing mail displays as originating from the server IP/domain name? Not a nefarious question, we'd prefer to not have our office fixed IPs displaying as the origination IP in email headers because of the mail client location when in fact the emails are sent through the Spry server. We have different clients planning on hosting at Spry but all mail sent from any of the Spry IPs we use and/or domain names will currently all show our single IP at the office as the first listed in the header.

1) Is there a way to lock down the SMTP server to only allow mail sent from IPs we designate?
2) have the SMTP relay the mail by stripping our Mail client IP and starting with the SPry IP? (which is still traceable to our account/names for legal reasons, but not openly displaying our office domain name/IP as it does now in the Mail headers.