There are some key pieces of information that you should know when setting up Plesk 7.5 Reloaded on your Spry VPS Server.

First of all, you will be prompted to Select a shared IP address. This address is the IP address that will be assigned to websites that you will configure on the server later. Unless you are hosting only a single domain on the server, it is best to select an IP address at this time. It will not matter which IP you choose, so just select any or all of them.

Secondly, the Plesk control panel contains built-in documentation that is context sensitive. In the left hand frame at the bottom, you can click the 'Help' link to get a description of what options are available for configuration on the page which is currently displayed in the main screen.

Third, additional documentation on Plesk is available in pdf or html format at: The Administrator's manual at the top of the page contains a wealth of information on how to setup your server using Plesk's many features.