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Thread: Compiling PHP for MySQL Support - Help

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    Default Compiling PHP for MySQL Support - Help

    So i purchased a new webmin VPS 200 server to move the existing hosting to, off the 4 year old server ( in another post )

    although i can install some stuff from teh SSH prompt, i chose to do it all through webmin. I'm a windows guy... i need a mouse...

    I've got MySQL, Apache, and I believe PHP setup and running.
    I can pull pages up via IP address ( havent switched dns yet ) But when i try to install vBulletin I get a error on the second step saying I need to compile PHP for MySQL support.

    i did alot of google searching, emailed my paid vbulletin support (worthless) and some reading.
    I found some good articles, but no clear cut answers.

    i need help compiling PHP for Mysql, preferrable without having to remove the stuff and start from teh beginning.

    i know it involves a command like
    ./configure --with-mysql somethign something..

    This is where i'm lost...

    i re-downloaded PHP, extracted it, did the first ./configure --with-mysql BUT I didnt add the --with-httpd (apache)
    I then did the "make" and then "make install"

    Now i'm stuck....

    If an admin here needs my root access i'll give it to you... Just need to figure this out... preferrably so i learn what I'm missing.

    edit -

    Actual error
    "vBulletin 3.6.8 requires that the MySQL functions in PHP be available. Please ask your host to enable this."
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    CentOS 5 supports the use of yum, which should make installation much easier than recompiling - please run these commands in sequence:

    1) yum install -y mysql mysql-server - Ensure that MySQL and MySQL server are installed

    2) yum install -y php php-mysql - Ensure that PHP and the PHP MySQL components are installed

    3) Restart Apache and test

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    Dan if i ever meet you, beer's on me.

    You gave me the correct answer in LESS words, than everyone else everywhere has told me to go search...

    And your reply was SO much easier than anything i found anywhere...

    i'm sitting at my desk just wondering why no one else could of simply replied like you did.

    Thank you!



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