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Thread: Slow Response Times

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    Default Slow Response Times

    I reported an issue with my VPS200 today and decided to upgrade to the VPS300 because I know that after a while you will simply need more ram (and with that comes processor).

    However, my pages still seem to load painfully slow. I'm getting page loads in the 3.5-4.5second range. This is obviously not acceptable. I will lose business because of this.


    All of these sites are painfully slow.

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    There are many things which you can do to improve response time - assuming that you are running a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP configuration, I would recommend that you consider the following approach to fine-tuning performance:

    1) Optimize your Configuration

    You may want to revisit your Apache and MySQL configuration to optimize for performance and low memory overhead.

    2) Find Slow Queries

    Isolate Slow Queries and add index columns where appropriate.

    3) Cache Static Content

    The fastest way to get data from a database across multiple page requests is to get the data once, write it to disk, and load the cached data whenever page requests are made.

    Depending upon the applications which you are using and your level of programming expertise, this may or may not be easy to implement. Many applications do have caching options built in (check your documentation and ensure that caching options are enabled and configured correctly).

    As it appears as though you may be running WordPress, you may be interested in this WordPress performance discussion, as well.


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