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Thread: Can I add additional hard drive to my VPS server?

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    Default Can I add additional hard drive to my VPS server?


    Can I add an additional hard drive to my Linux VPS server?

    Does this make sense?

    I am sorry but I am novice in VPS.

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    You can purchase up to an additional 10GB of disk space for your server.

    Please know that 10GB additional is maximum. For example, our 400 level plan comes with 30GB out of the box. You can add up to 10GB, for a total of 40GB, maxing out the disk space for the 400 level plan (this applies to all plan levels).

    If you need more disk space beyond this, you would need to consider a dedicated server.

    Prices for disk space upgrades are located below the pricing matrices on the Spry web page.
    If you need an upgrade, simply submit a support ticket outlining what you need.


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