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Thread: Configuring BIND in Webmin

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    Default Configuring BIND in Webmin

    I found 2 good articles that walk through configuring bind in webmin

    1 -

    2 - 3w dot

    Both seems to look to do the same thing but they differ... I'm wondering which is correct...

    The 1st one tells you in the first step to "For the master server, type in the domain name as well"

    The 2nd one tells you to put in '

    Which one is correct?

    By default, webmin/bind is sticking '' in the "master server" spot
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    The answer depends on what you want to call the nameservers. The link is using the more typical domain name ns1.domain.tld type of nameserver name, rather than just the bare domain name.

    Nameservers can really be called whatever you want, you just have to be consistent, using the same name on the nameserver itself as you point to at the registrar. Most people use names like ns1, ns2, ..., or dns1, dns2, ... because those names are self-descriptive. You don't have to wonder what those domain names are for.


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