Hello all,

We are using SwiftMailer for sending auto-generated emails from forms on our site. We use smtp connection, so the mail() sending as nobody is not an issue.

Some of the emails are being stopped by spam software, although these are simply text-only emails with log-in information. When we send the exact same email from our local machines, it makes it to the recipient just fine. The only difference I can see here is that when we send via Outlook, the message is relayed through the main server user (not root), but when it is auto-generated it is not.

I have been able to force the emails to relay through the user by adding our server ip to /etc/relayhosts but cpanel seems to overwrite this file at it's choosing, leaving only our local ip address. When they are relayed through the user, they seem to be arriving to recipients who previously could not receive them.

I appreciate any proposed solutions to this issue.