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Thread: Billing system + support sucks !

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    Default Billing system + support sucks !

    Guys, just wanted to share with you them problem I encountered a while ago and I still have it.
    I have hundreds of domains registered by Spry and I was happy with their service and support. I'm their customers since year 2005.
    But after they changed their billing and invoice system I started to have troubles.
    I paid once for a domain to renew it, but it was still in the invoice.
    I thought it was my mistake, So I paid again ! But it was still there.
    I did this with another domain but it didn't disappear from the pending invoice.
    After contacting Spry, they told me that it was adjusted. But it was not !
    I contacted them again and told them about it, So they asked me to show them a screen shot of the invoice. I did attach a screen shot to the ticket. But since Feb 26 I did not get any answer from them and my domains are going to expire very soon.
    What do you suggest?

    p.s: If any one needs to check, the ticket number is 392316
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