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Thread: This must be a joke...

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    Default This must be a joke...

    It is now only 5 days that i've registered two domains under two different accounts and guess what i'm furious and complaining about this shitty and messy hosting system.

    Due to fraud caused by missing infos about my accounts, they're canceled , so i can't login..

    it must be a joke, how am i gonna change this ?? dunno.. i think Kevin and Mike from 24/7 spry don't know either.

    Mike just told me, after i tried two days to login and view my domains, that my accounts are canceled.
    And Kevin told me to update my info while i can't login..
    must be a joke.. my passwords are changing all the time. I see that when i make them send to my mails.

    I can't get support because of the fact that I CAN'T LOGIN...

    must be a joke...

    Top 5 mistake of my life : 1...2...3...4-SPRY...5...
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    You will need to reply to the ticket with your updated, correct and complete information. A reply has been sent to you regarding your account and what needs done to have it unsuspended.

    Thank you


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