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Thread: Show me a way please..

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    Default Show me a way please..

    Yesterday, I was complaining about my two domains under two different accounts canceled due a fraud ( caused by some missin info about the accounts).

    So i was really pissed off, because it's just 6 days that i'm using Spry services, and at the moment i can neither login into my two accounts or see the content of my domains on the web.

    It's really annoying. So here is what Spry ( Kevin and Mike) suggested me while one of my two accounts wasn't canceled yet :

    *"Your domain are canceled due a fraud, please login and update your infos.And your other domain has also some missing infos, please update it too."

    I updated the other one but i don't know why it's canceled too.

    So now the problem is that my accounts ARE CANCELED. I can't login, update my registration infos and get a support ticket ( => only way to get help here...hope not Kevin and Mike this time)

    Please guys show me a way...
    Thanks in advance

    Can Elmas

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    We corrected your primary account earlier today, but as stated before, the second account was canceled and a full refund was made to your Visa. We provided all the refund information to you when we last replied.
    if you wish to re-register the second domain, you simply need to purchase it again, preferably using your existing account ( Once the invoice is paid, we will make sure that the domain is on and active.

    Please be sure to add the domain to your EXISTING ACCOUNT and not on a new one. This will ensure that all of your contact information is correct and you can manage all of your billing in one place.

    Let us know if we can answer any questions.


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