Hi ! I'm pretty new in Cpanel. I have an account at some web hosting company. I can host 20 domains.
When i created my account i choosed my master domain. After that i registered a new domain and parked it. At first everything worked just fine. I had my empty "master domain " which i could acces at "masterdomain"[dot]com and my new website which i could acces at "newdomain".com.
After several days something strange happened. I was surfing again my newdomain.com to check for errors and when i pressed the "HOME" link button instead of taking me to www[dot]newdomain[dot]com, it went for http : / / masterdomain[dot]com. and this masterdomain.com had the same files like www[dot]newdomain[dot]com . It's like i've uploaded my website on both domains.
I tried to repair and delete these files from masterdomain but they were also being deleted from newdomain. It's like the 2 domains concat or something like that. I can seem to manage this problem.
I know my english is pretty bad so i hope you'll understand someting.
"masterdomain" and "newdomain" are just example names.( of course you realized that ).
Please help !
Thanks a lot ,