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    Default Upgrade Apache/PHP, install GD...

    Did you know you can upgrade/recompile the Apache daemon and PHP interpreter on your CPanel VPS all through a web interface? Sure, you can do the same thing from the command line by running /scripts/easyapache (as the root user), but if you don't have an SSH client application, or just don't want to use the command line...

    Log in to your WHM at https://your_servers_ip:2087/ and click on "Apache Update" under the "Software" heading in the menu.

    Do read the warning at the top of the page here:
    You can upgrade apache by using this interface. Just select the options you wish to include in the apache build and click the build button. The options checked below reflect the default options, and not the currently active ones. Dynamic modules that were previously compiled into apache will not be removed. If you wish to remove any apache module you should remove it from httpd.conf and restart apache. If you wish to compile apache with the default options just click the build button without making any changes. Do not check every box as some options are not compatible or require third party software to be installed. If you do not know what to check leave the defaults as they are or you will probably end up with a broken apache configuration that will not start up.

    If you have installed third party modules that are not listed below, you will probably need to recompile them after apache is rebuilt. You may experience an unusable apache that produces segmentation faults until the old modules are recompiled or removed.
    Before doing this, it's a good idea to make a backup of your server (or at least the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file) in case the build fails. CPanel is pretty smart, and will restart the build with default configuration options if anything fails during your selected build. So if you choose some new options, and realize they weren't built, check your selections and remove any you're not sure you need/want and then rebuild.

    Keep in mind, if PHP fails to build for any reason, but apache still rebuilds, any php script served by this new apache will send the php script to the browser uninterpreted. This could be a security risk if you store passwords in your php scripts. It's also a good reason to keep passwords out of php scripts in the first place, put them in an include file outside of the web document root.

    Also, rebuilding apache/php takes time, memory, and cpu resources. Don't do this during a high traffic period, or right before you want to show a client your work.

    Fedora Core VPS administrators: If you want GD support in PHP, you must install xorg-x11-devel via yum or rpm before starting this build. It provides libXpm. See this thread.
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