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It recompiled php OK but apache is still v1.3.33 and not v1.3.34. There were a couple of errors in the build:<snip>
just using default options for apache (ticked GD for php but php compiled fine). I tried building again with 'verbose' on but that time it didn't give any error messages (although it still doesn't appear to have upgraded apache). What's going on!
cPanel will revert to last known good options if there are any errors during the build. That's probably why no errors appeared the second time around.
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If I ignore the whm thing and just compile apache from the command line will that confuse cpanel on the next upgrade?
Just be sure to compile with same (or similar) options. cPanel won't be confused (unless you change where the config file is, install location...), but easyapache/Apache Update may behave weird if you try to use it after doing a compile without it once.