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    I am trying to transfer a domain from here to godaddy as the domain ownership has changed hands. All is going well but we are now waiting for spry.

    From experience of transferring domains before Im now expecting you (spry) to contact the email address currently set for the domain. However it has been several days and still we havnt heard anything and the status continues to say waiting for other registrar.

    The domain is

    Can anyone just look into whats happening and what needs to be done? If we have to wait a few more days that is fine as long as the email hasn't been missed. I'm not sure how computer savvy the person who bought it is so they might have lost the email or something.

    Anyway let me know on the status and if need be then we can get the email sent to the address for the actual account rather than the domain.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jonathan Pike.

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    Hello Jonathan,

    According to WHOIS the domain is unlocked and the registrant/admin/tech contact is eNom (our registration provider) sends transfer authorization requests directly to the registrant address. Please ensure you can receive messages sent to this hotmail account from ''.

    To change the address these messages are sent to, you must change the admin contact published for the domain. Log in to the control panel and follow along with this guide.


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